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Bringing or Renting?

Bringing your own furniture or Renting a Furnished unit

Most of the military rental properties in Pyeong Taek are fully furnished. This means if you bring your own furniture from your previous residence, the landlord will have to get rid of the furniture they have currently in the unit. So the main question you have to ask yourself is; How attached are you with your furniture? In all seriousness, some of the furniture we’ve seen in the rental properties were in much better quality than the ones brought in from the states. Unless you have special furniture (i.e. therapeutic mattress, antique decorations and/or heirlooms, etc), it may be much better to sell your furniture for some quick cash and use the fully furnished units instead. 



Most of the mattresses are replaced after a tenant leaves, along with any damaged products. The furniture options are always negotiable with the landlords, so if you require something extra, we can always try and get the items you need. 



On the other hand, there are issues of damaged items during your stay. Naturally, unless it is some sort of a product defect, you are required to pay for the damage repairs for any part of the property. Especially, if you have pets that may scratch sofas, etc. Basically, when you rent a furnished unit, you are expected to leave the unit in the state in which you moved into.